Renewable energy & the environment

Sunset over Mawley

We produce enough electricity to run our farm from the renewable energies we have invested in on site –  our 75kw wind turbine, 100kw solar PV panels, and more recently 50kw Anaerobic Digester.  This captures the gas found naturally in cow poo and is converted to electricity and heat.  We use the heat from the digester to pre-heat boilers used in the dairy and milking parlour, and to frost proof the dairy and milking shed.  It also heats the farmhouse.  This has replaced the old oil-fired boilers around the farm, dramatically reducing the use of fossil fuels.

As custodians of this wonderful part of Shropshire, we believe it is important to look after our environment for our generation and for those to come.  We are voluntary members of Countryside Steward Schemes.  Wildlife strips left to grow around our fields, bird cover and planting new hedgerows all encourages biodiversity.  Careful crop rotations and the use of farmyard manure reduce our need for artificial fertilizers.  Where fertilizers are necessary, we use the latest satelite technology to guide our tractors to ensure the correct amount is applied.

Milk Bottles

Our milk is bottled in HDPE plastic, which is the most widely recycled plastic.  Shropshire Council use 3 waste management companies to recycle these bottles, some are made into ‘bags for life’ and other processing plants wash and pelletise the plastic to be made into new milk bottles here in the UK.