It’s a girl!

Mawley Kredit Lady was born fit and well at 9pm last night.  M.Ric Lady will join the milking cows for the first time, and her calf will join a small group of other calves born this week.  Half sister M. Ric Jean, another show heifer for the last 2 years, has been moved up to … More It’s a girl!

Cows with choice

5 Fullwood Merlin Automatic Milking Machines (AMS) milk the cows 24 hours a day.  The cows decide when and how often they are milked.  High yielding cows may visit them 5 or 6 times within 24 hours, the low yielding cows may only need 1 to 2 visits.  And yes, some cows do have a … More Cows with choice