Christmas cheer


I love this photograph of our village in the frost.  It shows the beautiful landmark of St Marys and all saints, which is known for its twisted spire (we even have a local beer ‘Hobsons Twisted Spire’ named after it!).  We decided to use this picture as the background to our charity Christmas label.


We have chosen to donate 5p from every 4 pint semi skimmed milk we sell during the month of December to the Birmingham Children’s Hospital.We have chosen BCH as our young son has spent time at the hospital and had one of his open heart surgeries at Christmastime in 2006.  We have experienced first hand what a wonderful place it is, and the first class care it gives its patients and their families.  We are also incredibly grateful to our handful of farm and dairy staff who have worked hard to keep ‘business as usual’ while we have spent many days and weeks away from the farm to be with our son.

With your continued support for Mawley Milk throughout December, we hope to raise a lot of money for this incredible place, and I look forward to reporting back in January with the total amount raised.



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