bTB strikes again

Sadly our last ‘inconclusive’ TB result retested positive a couple of weeks ago.  This meant the little heifer had to be kept isolated from the herd since the positive result and wait until this morning before she was taken for slaughter (arranged by Defra).

The compulsory isolation of a herd animal is never going to be easy for them, but we did our best putting her in an old stable where she could see and hear other cattle across the yard.  We knew she was sheltered with plenty of food and water so her basic needs were met.

We know in the whole scheme of things we have got away lightly with ‘only’ loosing one animal this time round, but bovine TB is rife in our area.  It is a constant battle, the whole herd undergoes testing,  the infected animals are taken, the herd is reinfected, more test positive, so more are taken for slaughter…and so the cycle goes on.

For FAQ’s and other facts about the effects of bovine TB in England, take a look at


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